How to Inspect and Maintain Trampoline Park?

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Safety is the top priority to running a trampoline park. That's why we should do regular inspection and maintenance to avoid any potential safety risks. Because we're China-based designer and manufacturer of trampoline park, it's impossible for us to take maintenance visits to our trampoline park projects overseas. The below is our advices for our clients to maintain their trampoline parks regularly.

We advise daily or weekly visual check and monthly close inspection for

trampoline park equipment. And you can prolong or shorten the period according to

the actual passenger flow.

1. Periodic components inspection checklist including but not limited to:

1) Obstructions: Make sure no obstructions in trampoline.

2) Condition of springs: Check if there’s any deformation or rust for the springs;Replace if

the springs lose tensility.

3) Condition of jumping beds: Replace if there’s any tear or loose thread for jumping beds.

4) Condition of soft pads: Check if there’s any tear or loose thread for the soft pads; Make

sure the soft pads are well attached onto the structure by Velcro.

5) Condition of metal frame: Check if there’s any breakage for the metal frame and make

sure all the screws are fastened tightly.

2. Recommendations for cleaning trampoline including:

1) Clean with wrung-out wet towel;

2) Use non-foaming detergent to clean stain if needed.

3. No stacking of things under the trampoline.

4. Sharp objects (eg. Key, etc) are not allowed in the trampoline.

5. Keep some inventory for parts like springs, jumping mats, etc.

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